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A Virtual IntelAgent will now be your online virtual sales agent, customer service rep, company trainer, guide or educator. The potential is limitless!

You will increase sales and save thousands of dollars with a virtual agent providing the work of a hundred real people. Remove off-shore headaches for you and your customers by utlizing a VIA instead.

A VIA can be used on any site for any business including; product sales, service providers, hotels, government, professional agencies, surveys, education, customer service and more.

How it works

First we begin with your consultation. Here we will discuss the details of your Virtual IntelAgent and begin your question and answer strategy. Will your focus be sales, customer service, or training?

We will then assist in selecting the talent and begin production on your Agent. Once the production process is complete your VIA will be integrated into your website, where it will go through an "active learning" process. Your VIA will actually learn as it is working on your site. Each day it reports what it was asked and answered.

We will update your VIA each month and offer reporting from the Active Learning Module that will assist you in your business.

Sales Increase sales with a VIA! Its like having a live person on your site 24/7 to answer any questions about your product or service.

Customer ServiceOnline customer service can now be done through your VIA. Save thousands of dollars each month as one VIA can do the work of hundreds of real service reps.

TrainingA VIA is excellent at providing an interactive product/service trainer or for online FAQ or guide.